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More Delivery Areas COMING SOON

We are working hard on adding more delivery areas to our tiffin service, stay tuned!



Mon-Sat: 4pm - 8pm


Free Delivery

*for lunch Tiffin Service only

Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, UBC area, Surrey and Richmond

Delivery Terms & Conditions

When we began our lunch tiffin service earlier this year, in March 2023, we had a smaller client base and could manage delivery to Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, UBC area from within our small team between the hours of 11am - 2pm. As our client base grew in the coming months, we decided we wanted our small staff to focus on keeping the quality and taste of the food consistent with our previously held tasty standards that our clients have come to love and cherish. This was only possible by transitioning to using an external tiffin delivery company to deliver our tiffins.

As of mid-July 2023, we are partnered with an external delivery company.

How it works

We prepare all our meals on a daily basis, in the morning hours, prior to the tiffin delivery. The tiffins are dispatched at around 10:30am. Typically, we request our delivery partner to make the lunch tiffin deliveries to all the listed cities (Vancouver, UBC Area, New Westminster, Burnaby, Surrey and Richmond) between 11am-2pm, subject to traffic/road situations enroute. 


Please note that the deliveries are NOT made on individual time slots basis/requests as is possible on Uber/SkipTheDishes/DoorDash, etc.

Bamon’s Kitchen has been assigned a few drivers that map out daily delivery routes to all the listed cities making a large volume of deliveries enroute.


Our tiffin (and therefore delivery) quota varies on a daily basis, as we have new clients subscribing, as well as, existing clients pausing and/or renewing/subscribing to alternate plans. The day-to-day traffic scene and circumstances enroute are beyond our control. As a result, the varying timings. 


We CANNOT guarantee specific timings to any clients, nor do we provide evening/dinner tiffin service delivery.


If there are specific time requirements, we welcome pickups from our location, Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm.

Delivery Tracking

When purchasing your tiffin plans on our website, it is ideal that you share your email address with us.


Your email is added to the delivery database that allows you to track your tiffin deliveries over email, in real time.

The general delivery window is Mon-Sat, 11am-2pm. For a more specific time window, once you have purchased your plan, and provided us with your email address, you will be able to track your tiffin on your email in real time, on the day of your deliveries, once the tiffin has been dispatched from our kitchen.

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help line hours: Mon-Sat//9am - 2pm


1668 Fosters Way, Delta, BC V3M 6S6


Mon-Sat: Tiffin Deliveries



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