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Bamon's Kitchen

a taste of home

Indian Tiffin Service

offering freshly cooked healthy veg. meals daily

your favourite 


Food Packaging


Tiffin is a packaged meal delivered multiple days a week to your doorstep. These packages consist of a variety of meal options packed with nutrients and flavor. 

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This service caters to a wide range of tastes and requirements of our customers. We offer authentic cuisine from various states of India.

Packed Lunch

Special Orders

We also offer some specialty items on a bulk special order system.

Bamon's Kitchen is a fully vegetarian virtual kitchen with a new age take on what it means to be a restaurant.

Our head chef Bamon, along with a talented team of cooks,  can create Vegan and Sattvic versions of most of our meals. With the launch of our new packaged meal service we are aiming to diversify our services to cater to a variety of our customers needs.

In addition to our current services, we are open to custom orders of pre-packaged items, special menu development, etc. 

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Free Delivery

*for Tiffin Services only

Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, UBC area, Surrey and Richmond

For all other areas 

Basil Leaves



help line hours: Mon-Sat//9am - 2pm


1668 Fosters Way, Delta, BC V3M 6S6


Mon-Sat: Tiffin Deliveries



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